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Olevolos Sponsorship Program

The Olevolos Project provides 20 academic scholarships for disadvantaged children from the Olevolos Village. Selected students are invited to attend Arusha Modern School (AMS), a private school registered under the Ministry of Education and Vocational Training of Tanzania and affiliated with the Cambridge Examination Board of London. The school runs nursery, primary and secondary school classes and supports both day and boarding students. All Olevolos students enroll as boarding students.

AMS is built on the philosophy that every child can success when given the right kind of guidance and support. All school activities revolve around developing a whole person. The school's motto is "Education with Competence" and the school is committed to providing quality and value-based education. This means that AMS strives to prepare graduates who will:

  • Uphold high standards of ethical, moral and civic conduct
  • Make informed decisions on social issues
  • Foster tolerance, cooperation and discourage extremist views
  • Understand the people of the world through appreciation of diverse cultures and what unites human beings as one creation

AMS teachers care selected from Tanzania and neighboring countries. Faculty members are encouraged to embark on continuous learning especially in their fields of study. The school organizes short technical and soft skills training courses as part of capacity building programs for teachers. It also encourages cross-functional learning and experience sharing.

The school encourages its students to actively participate in the learning process and provides a wide variety of athletic opportunities, study excursions and social networking. The campus features new buildings, modern laboratory equipment, textbooks, computer labs and athletic facilities.

The Olevolos Project and Emayana Women's Group

We are now selling OCC bracelets for $5.  Each bracelet has been handmade by the Emayana Maasai Women's Group of Monduli.  All proceeds from this initiative will go towards The Olevolos Project.  If you would like to sell bracelets to your family, friends, team, church, or book club, please email us.