When I talk about citizenship, I'm talking about people like you.  We all have the ability and the responsibility to be heroes by affecting positive change in, and strengthening the fabric of, our local and global communities.  I commend you for your contributions to the common endeavor and for taking the initiative to help improve the lives of Tanzanian children suffering through poverty and disease.  I'm so pleased that you have selflessly dedicated your time to addressing such an important issue.
Bill Clinton

"When I read the article in the Detroit News I wanted to help.  My mom goes to the Farmer's Market in the Sumer to sell bread and other things.  So I thought I could have a fundraiser giving away vegetables that I raised in my garden for a donation.

It started out really well, but then hail smashed a lot of my plants, and I had to come up with some other things to give away.  It turned out that baking bread and brownies worked really well.  My goal was to raise $500.00 during the summer.  The people that came to the Farmer's Markets were very generous and I reached that goal after only a few weeks of going to the market with my mom.  I wondered if I could possibly reach $1,000.00!  That would be great.  I kept going with my fundraiser and was able to reach my goal with the help of many wonderful people that gave money for the children in Africa."

Benjamin Holthaus (Age 10)

Donation: 1,000

“The more I heard about The Olevolos Project, the more personal it became.  The pictures and stories are about these kids are absolutely amazing and only give more motivation for helping out.  The Olevolos Project gives me a chance to provide these children with things that I used to take for granted.  To be able to give someone a place to go to school, learn, and eat is such a rewarding feeling.  I think everyone should be given that possibility.”

Lauren McIntosh (age 16) and Greenhills School

Donation: 700

“The Project is evidence that nothing is out of reach.  It has enabled the people involved to believe that the world is small enough to where you can make a difference.”

Sirene Abou-Chakra and Google.com

Donation: 1,300

"When I heard your story - how a full-time college student with few resources and little money decided to build a school and didn't wait for "someday" when she had more time and money, I knew I had to contribute.  You are an inspiration to many of us who never find the courage to take the risks to make a difference in this world."

Rebecca Picard

Donation: 360